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New Customers, Please Read Our Policies!

Leashes/Carriers: For the safety and comfort of the clients of neighboring businesses and our clients please have your pet on a leash or in a carrier when entering or exiting the salon. If you forgot your leash, pop in and ask for a loaner. The parking lot can get busy and we would be devastated if something happened to your pet. Pure Joy Pet Salon will not be held responsible for any incidents due to pets not being properly leashed/crated at drop off/pick up.


Vaccinations: Pure Joy Pet Salon does require current Rabies Vaccines at time of service (for pets 6 months and older). The State of California requires that all pets have a current Rabies vaccine. We also highly recommend that your pet be current on all vaccines recommended by your pet’s veterinarian.


Aggressive or Dangerous Pets: Owners MUST inform Pure Joy Pet Salon if your pet(s) bite, has bitten, or is aggressive to people, other pets or specific grooming procedures. Muzzles may be used if necessary. Muzzling will not harm your pet when used correctly, and protects both the pet and the groomer. Pure Joy Pet Salon reserves the right to refuse/stop services for such pet(s) at any time before or during the grooming process, and charge a minimum $17 handling fee for Aggressive Pets in addition to the regular grooming charge. If the pet should bite, the owner agrees to be responsible for any and all related medical bills, recovery costs, loss of income and equipment damage. If the pet is injured, due to its behavior, the owner agrees to still pay for services rendered and not hold Pure Joy Pet Salon responsible for veterinary costs. Training/conditioning your dog to behave for grooming is a part of responsible dog ownership.

Medical Problems, Pre Existing Conditions, & Senior Pets: I agree to inform Pure Joy Pet Salon of any health conditions my pet may have. Grooming procedures can sometimes be stressful, especially for a senior or ill pet or pet and can expose hidden medical problems or aggravate a current one during or after the groom. Because these pets have a greater chance of injury, these pets will be groomed for cleanliness and comfort. In the best interest of your pet this contract/agreement will give Pure Joy Pet Salon permission to obtain immediate veterinary treatment for your pet should it be deemed necessary. We will do our best to contact you first, then take your pet to a veterinarian. It is agreed that all expenses for veterinary care will be covered by the pet's owner upon signing this contract/agreement.

Matting: Excessive de-matting is a painful, time-consuming and a costly procedure that causes extreme discomfort and can aggravate, or cause skin problems. The client is aware that neglect of the pet’s coat can be cause for problems after grooming such as clipper/brush irritation. If the client’s pet does not remain still, accidents can happen such as cuts, nicks, etc. from clippers or scissors. It is at Pure Joy Pet Salon’s discretion to determine if it is safe for the pet to be de-matted. If the pet cannot be safely dematted, a “shave-down” of the pet’s coat will be completed. Shaving a pet may dramatically change its appearance and the hair may be very short and close to the skin. This may expose pre-existing skin conditions. Since matted pets can take longer than expected and require more care than most, there will be a matting fee (starting at $17) added to the total amount of the groom. Closely shaven pets are also prone to sunburn & should either have sunscreen applied daily or should be kept out of the sun until the hair grows sufficiently to protect the skin. In some cases pets may also exhibit brief behavioral changes. In certain breeds & coat types, the coat may not grow back the same. Removing a heavily matted coat includes the risk of nicks, hematomas, cuts and/or abrasions due to moles, warts or skin folds trapped in the mats. Heavy matting can also trap moisture near the pet’s skin which can cause mold, fungus, bacteria or skin irritations that exist prior to the grooming process. The after-effects of mat removal procedures may include itchiness, skin redness, self-inflicted irritations or abrasions, or failure of the hair to re-grow. The client is responsible for the condition of the pet’s coat and will not hold Pure Joy Pet Salon responsible in the event of injury and/or adverse effects of mat removal.

Emergencies: If any injury or medical problem develops while your dog is in the care of Pure Joy Pet Salon, Pure Joy Pet Salon is authorized to do whatever is deemed necessary for the safety, health and well-being of your dog. If our staff is concerned that your dog has become seriously injured or ill, we will contact you or your emergency contact, if possible. However, you acknowledge that a decision may need to be made quickly, and you authorize Pure Joy Pet Salon to take your dog for emergency treatment if and when Pure Joy Pet Salon, in its sole discretion, deems necessary. Pure Joy Pet Salon will seek all available treatment possible in consultation with the veterinarian and you will be responsible for the payment of any expenses. If the pet is injured, due to its behavior and/or skin/coat condition, the owner agrees to still pay for services rendered and not hold Pure Joy Pet Salon responsible for veterinary costs.


Parasites: If you suspect your pet has fleas or ticks, prompt and thorough action on YOUR part will be needed. Flea infestations can lead to tapeworm and other health problems. If fleas or ticks are found during the grooming process, your pet will receive a flea bath to kill the parasites and an extra $20 charge will be applied for shampoo/spray/flea bomb/clean up. If ticks are found, we strongly suggest you have your pet tested for Lyme Disease or other tick borne illnesses. Please note that parasites are a health hazard to your pet as well as to humans. Pure Joy Pet Salon is not responsible if your dog contracts fleas while in our care, as it is part of responsible pet ownership to have your pets on a flea & tick preventative.

Cage Dryers: Sometimes pets are scared and won’t tolerate the velocity dryers. And sometimes it is just a better option to let them rest in a kennel for a bit. In these cases Pure Joy Pet Salon may use a cage dryer on your pet. Our cage dryers do not have a heating element so as not to overheat your pet. Pets are always monitored for any signs of stress or discomfort.

Late Drop-Offs & Pick-Ups: Please be on time to drop-off/pick-up your pet(s). Groomer reserves the right to cancel/reschedule late appointments. There is an $10 late fee per pet (charged 15 minutes after scheduled appointment time). We offer day care services to pets that cannot be picked up within an hour of service completion. A $20 day care fee may be added to your service price if the pet is here for more than an hour after completion. Pets not picked up by 5pm will be charged an After Hours Day Care Fee of $1/minute. Pets not picked up by 5:30pm will be fed, watered, and kenneled for the night ($45/night After Hours Boarding Fee applies), and will be available for pick up the following business day(We are closed Sat/Sun and Holidays).

No-shows & Cancellations: No shows and last minute cancellations (less than 24 hours notice) are subject to the deposit (if there’s one on file) being forfeited or a $45.00 fee, per pet, which will be charged to the card on file or will be due before being able to schedule the next appointment. Please be respectful of our time as we are a by appointment business, and another client could have taken your appointment slot if we had known you weren’t coming. Please note - If you are a first time Client and you are a no show, Pure Joy Pet Salon may not schedule any future appointments.

Deposits: Deposits are non refundable, but can be transferred to another appointment date/time if appointment is canceled/rescheduled at least 24 hours before original appointment time. In the case of a no show or last minute (within 24 hours) cancellation/reschedule the deposit is forfeited and cannot be transferred to another time.


Cards on File: Cards are stored through Square and Pure Joy Pet Salon does not have full access to this information (PJPS can see the last four digits of card, expiration date, and if it is a visa, mastercard, etc.).

Early Pick Ups: Please do not come in to pick up your pet before we text and/or call you. We will let you know as soon as your pet is ready for pick up. If you’d like an update please call or text us and we will respond as soon as possible. Showing up before your pet’s grooming is complete can be a safety issue, as pets often become wiggly and excited when they see or hear their owners. If you still choose to show up before we contact you for pick up, Pure Joy Pet Salon reserves the right to send your pet home unfinished and full payment for services will still be due.

Risks: While we strive to achieve a safe environment for all dogs at Pure Joy Pet Salon, we cannot always prevent accidents, injuries, illnesses or changes in behavior. By bringing your dog to Pure Joy Pet Salon, you accept these risks and you release Pure Joy Pet Salon and its staff from all liability arising from the occurrence of such events. Just as when you send a child to school, dogs can get colds, coughs, stomach bugs and other contagious diseases. Just as your child’s school does not pay for doctor’s visits when your child is injured or becomes sick, Pure Joy Pet Salon does not pay for vet bills if your dog becomes sick or is injured while with us. Two of the more common contagious diseases are Canine Kennel Cough and Puppy Warts. If the pet is injured, due to its behavior and/or skin/coat condition, the owner agrees to still pay for services rendered and not hold Pure Joy Pet Salon responsible for veterinary costs.

Photos/Videos: Photos and videos of the pets at Pure Joy Pet Salon may be used on the Pure Joy Pet Salon website, social media, lobby displays or in other marketing material. You consent to our use of your or your dog’s image, likeness and name in such marketing materials. All photos and videos are the property of Pure Joy Pet Salon. Additionally, Pure Joy Pet Salon does have 24 hour audio/video recording to protect the salon, clients, and the pets in its care.

Large Breed Fluffy/Long Haired Dogs: All large breed fluffy/long haired dogs are required to be on a 6 week or less schedule if they are wanting a length longer than ½”.


Abandoned Pets: No pet may be abandoned at Pure Joy Pet Salon. Any dog that is left at Pure Joy Pet Salon without making arrangements with staff and appropriate payment, will be considered abandoned. If your dog is deemed abandoned under local, state or federal laws or regulations, you understand that Pure Joy Pet Salon will, by default, become the legal owner and guardian of the dog. Pure Joy Pet Salon will then, in its sole discretion, determine whether to find another home for the dog or to relinquish the dog to a local shelter of its choice. You understand and agree that if you abandon your dog at Pure Joy Pet Salon, you may be unable to retrieve possession of your dog and will have no recourse against Pure Joy Pet Salon. You release Pure Joy Pet Salon from all further liability and responsibility for your dog. It is important for you to leave an emergency contact number other than someone that usually travels with you so that in the event you are unable to contact us, we have someone to contact about your dog’s stay. If you abandon your dog, you will still be responsible for any expenses incurred, including but not limited to any applicable attorney’s fees or court costs.


Pet Sitting: A Pet Sitting needs to be scheduled with Megan directly, as availability is based off of her specific schedule. Drop Offs and Pick Ups are scheduled Mon-Fri between 8am and 5pm and Sat between 8am and 10am. There are no Drop Offs or Pick Ups on Sundays. Owners must provide pets’ regular food. A deposit (half of the estimated boarding cost) is due when reserving dates and the remainder is due at pick up. Pet Sitting cancellations must be made 24 hours before the date of drop off to avoid the deposit being forfeited. Boarding deposits will be refunded if cancellation is made at least 24 hours before the date of drop off.


Doggie Daycare: Doggie daycare is available Monday through Friday (Closed Most Major Holidays) from 8am to 5pm. Drop offs start at 8am and Pick Ups end at 5pm. Pets not picked up by 5pm will be charged an After Hours Day Care Fee of $1/minute. Pets not picked up by 5:30pm will be fed, watered, kenneled for the night (After Hours Boarding fee of $45/night applies), and will be available for pick up the following business day (We are closed Sat/Sun and Holidays). Pets will be walked, watered, and kenneled mid day for a rest/lunch break (Approximately 30 min-1 hour). If your pet is acting up they will be given a rest/time out to calm down before being let back out to play with others.

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